38. Need For Structure

Dear readers, I feel like I have so much to say but nothing too trivial. I have had a lot of work, this week. Under a lot of emotional strain mainly from procrastinating until the very end when the panic monster wakes up. Emotionally this week seemed uninteresting and dull. Mainly the people who I… Continue reading 38. Need For Structure


37. Core

Dear readers, This week I thought I shall talk about something that nobody truly knows about me. One among the biggest reasons I fear getting close to someone is because I have separation anxiety. Everybody fears losing people. Nobody likes to watch people go, to be honest. But, what I have is different. I have… Continue reading 37. Core

36. Loss Of Appetite

Dear readers, One among my biggest concerns for the past few weeks has been my eating problem which gradually has come down to me eating one meal a day. I used to be a girl who could eat an entire medium base pizza with coke. Which slowly reduced to only being able to eat half… Continue reading 36. Loss Of Appetite

35. Introspective Sunday

Dear readers, She sat there in her pink shorts and black tank-top, listening to music and sharing memes and some intellectual things written by other beautiful writers online with her family and friends also mildly questioning her existence because she wasted almost the entire day. Loves listening to other people because it always gives her… Continue reading 35. Introspective Sunday

34. Stuck

Dear readers, She was stuck between four walls. Trapped by the place she loved the most. Hating every single thing and every one was all she did the whole week. Suffocating was the floor she loved to lay down on. Two people who were not with her were her escape mechanism for the week. Sleep… Continue reading 34. Stuck

33. Escaping Reality

Dear readers, This week I wanted to speak about "escaping reality". The books I read, the TV shows I watch, the movies I watch, the sports I regularly try to watch, anything I do apart from what I’m “supposed” to do, is to escape reality. I am not ashamed to say it. I find it… Continue reading 33. Escaping Reality

32. Distance

Dear readers, This week was interesting. I got my first ever salary. I got nominated for the Virtual Blogger Awards, thanks to GailLovesGod. Didn't really study as much as I wanted to. But I did go to the gym 6 out of 7 days. Didn't read/complete any book, yet again. Did play a lot of… Continue reading 32. Distance