Greetings. My name is Yashna. I am a lass trying to make sense of this world. I really love comedy. I am a sucker for writing. I love reading books. I am a huge fan of TV shows. My favorite food is Mac-And-Cheese and/or Fried Rice. I love ice creams. I am deep-thinker. There are three important people in my life and I would do anything for them. I love taking photographs and learning photography (professionally) is on my to-learn list. This blog is to help me grow as an individual and put forth my thoughts on a particular topic and sometimes show my vulnerability via writing my line of thought. Hope you like reading my blog posts.

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Join me and the rest of Realistic Beginner clan (A.K.A – RB family) in attempting to change the mindsets of (if not all) at least a few people. 

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