21. Contended

Dear readers, Everything is going so well. I'm at this point in my life, where I have everything I could possibly need. At this very moment, I feel extreme happiness. I met someone this Saturday, someone whom I hadn't met for almost 2 years, and one conversation with that person gave me the extra motivation… Continue reading 21. Contended


20. Long Lost Love

Dear readers, Let me tell you about my relationship with dance. I started dancing when I was four years old. I love dancing. I was very flexible. I could do splits, handstands with such ease. Now, I'm just a fat potato who can't do anything, properly. Without trying to boast much, I used to be… Continue reading 20. Long Lost Love

19. First Impressions

Dear readers, I've never been this girl who believed in making the effort to give a good first impression. Yes, I'll be nervous because I'll be busy thinking (overthinking, sometimes) what that person is thinking about me and what judgements they make and what social classes they immediately put me under. But, that being said,… Continue reading 19. First Impressions

18. Vague Blog

Dear readers, I really need to work on my blog schedule. Some weeks, my blog for the week is ready by Monday. Some weeks, I procrastinate till 11 pm on a Sunday. If I can be honest, I have nothing to say. I don't really have a particular topic that I want to share my… Continue reading 18. Vague Blog

17. Lacking Competitiveness

Dear readers, This week was such an eventful week and I have done a few things I'd never done in my life before and I guess that's what makes this week a memorable one. One day, when I talk about my life to my grand children, this week will definitely be mentioned. I have always… Continue reading 17. Lacking Competitiveness

16. Unconditional Love

Dear readers, I have always been a sentimental person. Little things have always mattered to me. But, I've always been sceptical of love. And I never believed that unconditional love exists. Since I was a ten year old girl, I've always looked for hidden agendas when someone showered their 'love' on me. And most of… Continue reading 16. Unconditional Love

15. Comedy Of Errors

Dear readers, This week, I had made a big mistake that I couldn't deal with. I made a bunch of errors in the past three months, that lead to a bigger error that made me throw away everything I was working towards. I was shattered when I found out. And, it took me 12 hours… Continue reading 15. Comedy Of Errors

14. Want To Be Heard

Dear Readers, Everyone always has something to say. Whether it's important or makes sense or worthy of hearing is debatable and not something that will be the matter of discussion for this blog. (To be honest, I don't know where I am going with this blog, but let me just say what I feel and… Continue reading 14. Want To Be Heard

13. Plans

Dear readers, This week I thought I shall talk to you about my weird relationship with plans and why, in a way, I've stopped planning. The best things happen to me when they are not planned or when I don't put too much thought into the said plan. And, planned things never go as planned.… Continue reading 13. Plans

12. Distress

Dear Readers, This Sunday, I thought I shall talk about something that has been bothering me, this whole week. That feeling I thought I had completely let go off, came back knocking at my doorstep. I haven't felt this way in almost 2 years. I don't know what brought this on, if I'm completely honest.… Continue reading 12. Distress

11. “I Don’t Know”

Dear readers, I don't know a lot of things. Writing today's blog actually started off as a joke, but I thought it'd be a perfect blog post to start this new year, with. So, if you sit down and have a one-on-one conversation with me, you'll know that there are a lot of things, I… Continue reading 11. “I Don’t Know”

10. Twenty Seventeen

Dear readers, I don't want this to be just another 2017 review post. But, I have to tell you this, 2017 was by far, the best year ever. I'm emotionally a stronger person. I don't shy away from a lot of things, anymore. There are still a few, but that just makes me who I… Continue reading 10. Twenty Seventeen

9. Comfortable

Dear readers, Though, I am in a dilemma half of the time, there is one thing I know that is certain. Which is, I am comfortable. I am comfortable with how I look, with the way I dress, the way I am. Obviously, this doesn't mean that I would stop here and stop trying to… Continue reading 9. Comfortable

8. Who are we?

Dear readers, This week, I thought I'll post an introspective blog and asking random but deep questions. So, let's begin with, "How well do you know yourself"? Do you ask other people what they think you are? Do you ask yourself? When do you ask yourself such questions? Do you base it on how you… Continue reading 8. Who are we?

7. Untellable

Dear readers, She feels like the ground beneath her is slipping. She cannot breathe. She thinks that now, she is afraid of being lonely. She is nauseous. She is in a room filled with people, but she can't hear a thing they say to her. She has a book in her hand, but she can't… Continue reading 7. Untellable

6. Scattered Thoughts

Dear readers, I can think of so many topics that I can write about. I just don't know if I have anything concrete to say about them. And usually if I don't have anything concrete to say, I don't write. But, since I wanted to be consistent, I didn't want to not write. So, I… Continue reading 6. Scattered Thoughts

5. Sorry

Before I begin, I want to thank each and every one of you for the love you have been showering on my blog recently. Means a lot. I'm glad to announce that we have crossed the '900 followers' mark. Thank you all, once again. Dear readers, This week, as I am having a sip of… Continue reading 5. Sorry

4. Great Mood

Dear readers, Recently, I have been in a great mood. I can't say I don't know how, because I do. I just made changes that were necessary which ended with me being confident, which eventually put me in a great mood. Like, I started detaching myself from people and things that brought negativity. I started… Continue reading 4. Great Mood

3. A Letter To That Friend

(Before I begin, I would like to thank you all for the love and support that you all have been so kindly showering on this blog. I would like to gladly announce that we have finally crossed the '800 followers' goal. Thank you to each and everyone of you.) Dear school best-friend, This letter is… Continue reading 3. A Letter To That Friend