73. Life’s Too Short, Make The Most Of It

Dear Readers, A lot of things happened in these last two weeks that I did not feel like blogging at all. Well, for many reasons, I didn't go to the hostel. I was and still am devastated about that if I'm honest. I've been commuting from home daily. Classes haven't really begun. In fact I... Continue Reading →


72. Mixed Feelings

Dear Readers, Today (2.07.2019) is the day something really good happened and also something really hard-to-swallow-but-good-that-it-happened happened. This is one among the reasons why I've named this blog Mixed Feelings. Let's start with the hard-to-swallow-but-good-that-it-happened, because that's how my mind functions and also, this way I can end the blog on a positive note. The... Continue Reading →

66. Fourth Anniversary

Dear Readers, Today, the 7th of April, marks my fourth anniversary of blogging as 'Realistic Beginner'. For those who've recently started reading my blogs, I've had different kinds of blogging websites and many more blog posts before these 66 blog posts which I'd deleted for many reasons which I have mentioned in my previous blogs.... Continue Reading →

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