48. Abrupt Sunday Blog

Dear Readers, I just wanted to publish this blog because I wanted to remain consistent and I haven't fully written the blog that I wanted to publish this week, because I have been extremely busy. I love absolutely love the fact that I study psychology and I hope that in the future I would love… Continue reading 48. Abrupt Sunday Blog


47. A Letter To Family Member #1

Dear readers, Yes, this is going to be a letter series for a couple more weeks because there haven't really been situations for me to tell this individually to them or I've been to shy to tell them this. So this is a letter to one family member that I respect the most. So here… Continue reading 47. A Letter To Family Member #1

46. A Letter To My Lover

Dear readers, This week I thought I will muster up the courage to write about what I expect from my lover. I was refraining from writing about this because my concept of love hasn't remained constant throughout my life and also from the fear of being judged for having a lover or wanting a lover.… Continue reading 46. A Letter To My Lover

45. Catch-Up

Dear readers, This week was fun, nothing really happened apart from me getting work done for college. Wish I was more productive than I was. I suck at time management and I'm not doing anything about it. I slept extremely late a couple of days, as well! Missed out on gym a lot, this week.… Continue reading 45. Catch-Up

44. Body Image

Dear readers, I've had my fair share of hating my body. Even now sometimes when I look at my stretch marks or my stomach, I get upset and conscious. But trust me when I say this, the way I look at my body is much more positive and healthy in comparison to last year. Last… Continue reading 44. Body Image

43. Clumsy Procrastinator

Dear readers, I almost forgot to post this blog. Forgive me for being clumsy and all over the place. Been busy with exams and been wasting time and trying to finish everything in the last moment. But this time, I'm not panicking about procrastinating, tbh. And I do not know if that's a good thing… Continue reading 43. Clumsy Procrastinator

42. Update?

Dear readers, This week made me feel like I was getting my life in order because the work that I have been putting in since the start of this semester (June) has started to pay off and I hope it continues. I have gained clarity on what I want to be doing or at least… Continue reading 42. Update?