1. First Day Of College

Today was my first day in college. I woke up feeling anxious. I got dressed and left home a little later than I was supposed to. I was anxious and scared because I might be late on my first day. But I reached on time. My thoughts were filled with thousands of questions. Where do I have to go? Why are we going that way? Am I really going to this college? Was I really selected for admission? What if I make fun of myself? What if I didn’t belong here? What is that person thinking about me? Why is she looking at me? Am I going the wrong way? Am I supposed to go somewhere else? How the hell did she get into this college? I wonder how the seniors here are. I wonder how the teachers are going to be. I wonder if my colleagues are fake or real. Will I be able to adjust with them? Are the teachers looking at me? All these thoughts were driving me crazy. Luckily, I was not tensed for a long time. I felt warm, later. I felt happy. I want to achieve whatever I have dreamed of. I don’t want to be this common college girl who is not going to nothing with her life. Who’ll probably get married as soon as college is over. I’m not saying it’s bad. I’m saying it’s not for me. I want to be something better. Someone different. Someone brave. Someone successful. Those are my dreams. And I have a strong feeling that I will achieve them soon.




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