3. When The Music Consumed Me

Today was an extra-ordinary day. Here’s why. Today’s day started off as a normal day, but who knew today I was going to experience something so beautiful. Keep reading to know more :’)I woke up around 6:45 and immediately jumped off the bed and got ready. I went to my college, like it was just like another day. I attended an hour class and then we were allowed to go wander around the campus, because we had our cultural event today. My friends and I headed straight to the auditorium. I didn’t expect it to be any fun because the two events in the past were extremely boring. The program began. My college had asked a DJ to come and play some music in our college, and apparently he does it every year. He started playing, my favorite music, and I’m very choosy with my music. And say out of 50 songs, he played 45 songs that were played were my favorite. And we started dancing and we started enjoying the program because of the music. I don’t know if my friends felt the same way, but I got lost in the music. I was with thousands of other girls who were dancing along with me. I just stood there for five minutes and literally consumed the music. Or rather, let the music consume me. Those moments of silence were something so magical that cannot be put in writing. And this is first time, I thoroughly enjoyed my day. And I loved how every beat was clearly heard and how loud the music was. It might be something, you would have already been familiar with. But this is the first, I have experienced something so beautiful. And I personally am a huge fan of loud music and I often imagined myself at a gig/concert, small or big. Today’s experience was absolutely bliss and I loved every second of the music. My concept of life has changed a little. I’ve changed a little. I don’t really know if I made sense in this blog. But share your thoughts in the comment section below and also let me know if something like this has happened to you, and if yes, what was your experience?


11 thoughts on “3. When The Music Consumed Me

  1. Wow! 45 out of 50??? You never mentioned the artists or the songs.

    I remember this one time I was at a club (only been twice in my life and it was an entrepreneurial event) and I played the sidelines the entire time. Just took pics. Didn’t dance once. But I knew deep down if they played some Coldplay or Janelle Monae I would let the music consume me (stole your phrase). I dare someone play Youth Lagoon in public. Woo! I wouldn’t just dance like no one is watching but would sing my butt off. Especially Afternoon.

    Glad you had a good day 🤗

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    1. Off the top of my head, he played songs of Bon Jovi, Green Day, Coldplay, Chainsmokers, Sia, Imagine Dragons and a few Tamil (regional language) and Hindi songs. I wish they played Youth Lagoon (huge fan) or Bon Iver. And yes, I let the music consume me and and I danced like no one was watching and I sang my butt off, hahah!
      And, morning, have a lovely day ❤

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      1. How can you not dance to that? That is the song that made me discover Coldplay. It was on an American Express commercial. I will never forget. Now I have all their albums.

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      2. Why it makes you sad ? I love the paradise video and the spinning one leg dance Chris does. I hated when they performed at Super Bowl and people said they had elevator music and wanted Beyoncé

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  2. No i was moved to tears! Ecstatic! I was sad superbowl was cut short. I was torn im a huge fan of both HUGE. but I like them separate, tgere wasvwaaaaay to much going on up there. Why isnt coldplay headlining? They deserve a full sgow ALONE! I will turn when gaga comes on stage this year i cant with her. I DONT HATE HER, she just doesnt compare to them? Thoughts?

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  3. I’ve let music consume me and my thoughts soo many times that its become my own lil personal oblivion in the best possible way .A few dances that were conducted back in Chennai had me dancing all night to the music ,I wore my stupid dancing heels(which usually endure my constant moving on the dance floor) but that one night , they broke as I finally walked off the floor after ditching even the food to never leave my lil oblivion on the dance floor and I couldn’t feel the pain until the following morning… but you know what ? It WAS SOOO WORTH IT . ❤ Feeling music so deeply like that and enjoying it … that’s just bliss .Id break a few more heels just in the process of losing myself in the music 😀

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  4. When I bought my first car and played my favorite bass song I felt I had achieved independence. It was the combination of having my OWN car, listening to music and being​ free (driving around)!!

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