5. Would You Be Friends With You?

Create this scenario in your brain : For better understanding I will use the term “she” but this is applicable to both the genders. You meet another individual who just like you. And I am not talking about twins. I am talking about a complete stranger who is just like you. She has the same taste in every single thing. Now, would you be friends with her? To be completely honest, yes. First of all, I am dying to meet such an individual. And yes, I would be friends with her. I remember two years ago, when I had a crazy wavering mind, I don’t exactly know how I came across this question, but this question made me think. If I can’t be friends with an individual like me, how on earth should I expect someone else to be my friend, co-worker, lover, husband or child? This question made me understand self-appreciation. When I grew a little older and mature, I told myself that it does not matter how I expect someone else to be my friend. All that matters is, how I expect myself to befriend me. Because you aren’t meant to be friends with or liked by, everyone. But it is mandatory that you should be friends with you. If you aren’t friends with you and you cannot share everything with you and you cannot be open about your feelings with you, you should at least start now. It’s not too late. It’s never too late. Become friends with you And this my lovely RB fam, is the beginning of self-love. So let me know in the comment section below, would you be friends with you? Share your thoughts.

~ RB =)


12 thoughts on “5. Would You Be Friends With You?

  1. I’ve always wondered this aswell, finding a like-minded person, who is the same as you on all levels, I would love to meet someone who is just like me, and to be honest I’m still searching, the only problem I have is they let me down with trust. I have always thought tho I would love to have myself cloned, I could trust the clone with anything, I could always rely upon and confide in them. I would be able to achieve almost anything I wanted to if I had 2 of myself. My only problem is having that trust issue with this person.

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    1. That is very true. I would be terrified if the other person (who is like me) broke my heart. It would shatter me to pieces. And I probably won’t be able to recover from it.

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  2. I’m a Gemini and I am also dying to have a twin. I’m mostly an introvert, reserved, and keep to myself. Obviously, the more I expose myself to strangers the better my chances are to meet my twin. Good inspiration this morning

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