9. Laugh Your Lungs Out

Have you ever laughed so hard? Have you experienced laughing so hard that you end up coughing? Have you ever attempted to make others laugh? Have you ever attempted to make yourself laugh?

Laughing is my way. Recently, I found out that I really love comedy. It is not that I don’t like serious, deep things. It’s just that, now comedy ranks first. For the past 6 months I have been watching a lot of comedy related content. And I found out that I love making people laugh. And with my new set of friends, it is more easy for me to act myself, because they are expecting me to be myself. And it has come to a point where if I don’t make fun of them or making funny remarks or not try to make them laugh, they understand that there is something wrong and they try to cheer me up. Like I said, I really happy on how I changing myself. And comedy is so much fun. I am seriously considering making a career out of this. JUST KIDDING. totally not kiddingAnd the feeling you get when you make someone laugh or smile when they are having a bad mood cannot be expressed in words. I love the funny side in me. I like being happy. It is not that I am never sad or that I am never serious. I know my limits. But it is so much easier to smile and laugh and have a great day. And YouTube has been a boon with regard to comedy. And I would love to make YouTube videos to make you all laugh. Why should my friends be the only ones who benefit from my comedy? I don’t know when I will start making videos but I have been thinking about it 😀 But, let’s see. For now, I am glad that I found the funny side in me.

Let me know below if you like comedy. If you do, what type of comedy do you like?

And hey, you are amazing, and I truly believe that you can laugh and have a great day. All you need to do is make an attempt to laugh. Laugh alone. Like a maniac. It works. Just laugh your lungs out. You feel so much better, trust me, love. Have a great day, and laugh more .x


7 thoughts on “9. Laugh Your Lungs Out

  1. i love every comedy lol. well laughing is an amazing thing. i laugh pretty muh with my new friends. i laugh about myself i laugh about stupid things. i laugh about everything. if i am in a bad mood and my best friend makes me laugh its amazing because i feel a bit better then. laughing is so important 🙂

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  2. It was nice to see you put this out there, because you seem heartfelt about comedy. My favourite kind of comedy are comic YouTubers, because it seems like they have original voices and that they are brave enough to express their funny points of view on the Internet, which is completely public and therefore a risk. Good luck with your blog, as you explore what it is you want to say, and maybe you’ll keep cracking people up with your special sense of humour that you nurture in yourself.

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    1. And this felt like a very genuine comment. Thank you very much for your kind words of encouragement. I love YouTubers as well. My love for comedy began from there. And thank you, once again =) have a great day 💟


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