15. Genuine Joy

First of all, thank you. Thank you for 600+ follows. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I finally came up with something interesting to post. Please read further, if you want to know about the change in my life.

Recently, I have been in a happy and positive place/position in my life. Everything is going smoothly. No drama. How did this happen? Not easily, I assure you. I don’t want to seem cocky, but to be honest, since I was in such a good place, I thought, my happiness was not worth sharing. I did not want to maybe jinx it, or show the world how happy I am.

Why do I say this? We live in an era where happiness is so over-rated, that people like me, cannot genuinely post, when we are genuinely happy. Nobody is “perfect” happy. Everyone is dealing with some issue or problem. Nobody has been granted a wish to be free from the burden of problems. But when I read blogs, I see a lot of happiness that is just thrown around like confetti, when it’s not really true. Which makes it harder for others, who want to show that they are truly joyful and share it with others. We are constantly stuck between trying to figure out who’s truly happy and who is faking it.

Now I am not here to bicker on how people fake anything and everything. I’m here to tell you that I have genuinely made progress with my negativity and over-thinking and I am genuinely happy. Without sounding cocky, of course. A layer of thick skin is growing all over my body, as well. I was very very unsure and inconsistent with any decision I ever had to make, until recently.

I have accepted all of my past. It is done. Locked in a trunk and thrown into the sea. Now on, the future is all I think about and being positive with the backing of realism is how I intend to live the rest of my life. Of course, there are going to be days when practising this would be a huge tasks, but I am mentally prepared for that as well. I am going to learn to roll with the punches and if possible, knock ’em down.

What do you think about this post? What did you do when you started finding happiness in your life? How did you overcome negativity? What do you think I must do to stay positive and to be more positive?

Leave a comment down below and share this with people who might relate to it. Hope you are having a great week. See you, in the next blog. Cheers, goodbye.


12 thoughts on “15. Genuine Joy

  1. Hi, this is one of your silent readers who quietly devours most of what your blog has to offer. There are also some silent prayers I send your way and this little post became a reason to my genuine burst of happiness because it is always such relief and contentment to see one of us experience the light of the day after a long struggle in the dark. I pray it only gets better from here and hope that some day you will have a look at my blog too, follow or like some posts perhaps and make me squeal with happiness too because if there’s one way I know of multiplying positivity and love, it is by making others feel the same too.
    Cheers nd stay blessed^-^

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    1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this love and support. I too hope it gets better from here, as well. I have tried looking at your blog earlier as well, but I haven’t been able to find your website. If you would be kind enough to to leave your website link in the comments, I’ll be glad to look into your blog and read it. Hope you’re having a great and positive day.

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      1. It has gotten this far, who could have known you can make it till here. Maybe not even you but the very fact that you were able to, shows that u do have it inside of you. It takes time, small steps, one by one but its always a good idea not to count them. Just quietly making an effort on everyday basis, living the very day we got is the best strategy. A few years later when we suddenly look back and realize how much high above we have come, the moment and experience in itself is euphoric. With prayers and support Insha’Allah things will improve more.
        Also I am really sorry for this inconvinience, I really cant figure out why my site was not reachable all this time. Heres the link but please do not bother if u still are unable to find it. I am sorry once again.
        Stay blessed^-^


    1. Don’t worry, I know you’ll get past this stage very soon. Because the first and most important step is to know that you are, in fact, conquering negativity and trying to be more positive. You know and acknowledge that, so the actual process of conquering it, is going to be quite easy. Hope you have a great day 🙂

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  2. Thank you for posting such a positive piece of writing. On behalf of all those who will have been and will in future be uplifted by it. In your ‘welcome’ post you mention the other people in your life. They are potentially the greatest source of your happiness. Do your best to make them happy and you, too, will be happy.
    Thank you, too, for liking my post about “Summer Day”.


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