16. Nineteen

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This week, Thursday, I turned 19. How do I feel? Just the same. Am I afraid that I am growing older real fast? Not at all. Though I would love to stay younger, I am excited now that I am growing older. I know everyone older to me are going to say that I don’t know what I am talking about and nobody likes growing old. Maybe, but that doesn’t make me hate growing old. I may not love it, but I am definitely not hating it before experiencing it. Yes, this is my last year as a teenager. And I know being a teenager had it’s up’s and down’s. But, I like who I am now. And I also know that I had to experience who I was to become who I am now. And I am very happy with how I have turned out.

What am I eager to do in days, months and years to come?

Career wise, I want to hold a PhD degree. I want to have a career I am proud of. Yes, obviously I want money. A lot of it, as well. But I should not let money define me. I want to leave a legacy behind. I am all for that. And I love work. I love working hard. Working hard gives me the high that no drug would give me. I want to also have a degree in dance and drama and music.

Family wise, I would love to hold my four people I love the most and hold them close and keep them with me every minute of every hour of every day. But, this is where practicality kicks in. My brother who lived with me for the first 18 years of my life, doesn’t live with me anymore. Yes, I had to learn to deal with it, but yes, eventually you’ll learn to deal with it (life lesson right here). And if I want to do all the things I want to do in my life, I know I will have to move out from my parents, which is going to be hard, but I am ready for it now. I am all ready to move out, because I am now the strongest than I’ve ever been.

Boyfriend/husband/love wise, I am not going to lie. Yes, I have had the fangirl moment where I definitely wanted to marry the members of the One Direction band or Edward Sheeran or MS Dhoni or just Harry Styles. But honestly, I am not going to say that I won’t ever settle down or that I hate marriage. No. I definitely marry someone and grow old and slow dance to Ed’s song – Perfect. And don’t you worry I will find that man. No particular dream man goals, except he should respect me. (Being hot is a bonus point). But yes, not now. I can’t commit to any sort of relationship, now. Yes, you may argue that I haven’t had any relationship until now, so it’s the ignorance that is talking. Say what you may, but this is what I am and this is what I will do. And for this and only this, it is okay if the ignorance is talking.

In general, I want to have fun. I want to not get lost in the busy life and appreciate the little things. I want to do all the crazy and adventurous things in life. Jumping from a plane and bungee jumping and shit like that as well. Also an aim in life is be zen and mindful. Not take everything seriously. But yes, take the necessary things, seriously.

What do you think of all this? Comment down what you think of this blog post. What did you do? What are dreams and goals? How do you think I should achieve all these goals in life? What do you aim to do when you’re nineteen or what did you do when you turned 19 ? Comment down the tips, if you want. Like, comment and share this to people who may relate to this.


11 thoughts on “16. Nineteen

  1. Happy birthday!!!!!

    Oh, gosh, 19 was a long time ago for me… it was the summer after my first year away at school, so I was back at my parents’ house, but I didn’t really have a lot of friends nearby, and the ones I did have from high school I had lost touch with. This was before texting or social media; email was a fairly new technology when I was 19, but most of my friends didn’t use it or didn’t check it regularly. I probably just opened presents and had cake with family, but nothing else.

    But some big things happened to me during the year I was 19. I hope some big things happen for you too!

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  2. When I turned 19 I was all about sky diving, I thought that it was the ultimate thrill and once I did that I could feel accomplished. 🙂 It has been a few months and still working on it, but one day….

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