67. The Day I Failed

Dear Readers, What have been doing ever since my last blog? I've been studying. I wrote an exam. I went for a personal interview because I passed the exam. I personally thought I did quite well. But today I found out that I didn't get selected for the program. It hurt. It felt like someone... Continue Reading →

66. Fourth Anniversary

Dear Readers, Today, the 7th of April, marks my fourth anniversary of blogging as 'Realistic Beginner'. For those who've recently started reading my blogs, I've had different kinds of blogging websites and many more blog posts before these 66 blog posts which I'd deleted for many reasons which I have mentioned in my previous blogs.... Continue Reading →

63. All Over The Place

Dear Readers, Everything seems distasteful. It's not like something is wrong. It's not like I'm experiencing extreme negative feelings or hurtfulness. I just don't feel like doing anything. For the past 2 months, I have zero motivation. I don't feel like watching matches anymore. I don't feel like blogging anymore. I don't feel like playing... Continue Reading →

Dear readers, Nobody knows enough. Nobody knows everything. Nobody knows the answer to everything in life. Nobody definitely has learnt everything. If that were true, we would have solved so so many unsolved questions we're in dire need of solving. People who act that they do are fooling nobody but themselves. Nobody should act like... Continue Reading →

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